Interested in teaching a class at The Workshop? We would love to hear from you.

Email us the following:

  • A short proposal of what your workshop would look like (would your students be sitting at the tables & counters or would the tables be pushed aside and using the floor (ie. yoga)

  • How long would your workshop be? How much set up time beforehand? 

  • Would your workshop do best during the day? Or in the evening? (weekends are not available)

  • Who would be your target demographic (ie, kids, adults, seniors)

  • Pictures of your craft/ teaching a class, or website/social media accounts

  • Include 1 or 2 notes from people who think you would do a great job at teaching a class at The Workshop or maybe have purchased/ been gifted one of your products/taken a class with you or would validate the quality of your work. 


Perks to teaching at The Workshop:

  • Clean, bright and inspiring environment

  • Parking lot

  • Handicap Accessible

  • Space comfortable for 22 participants (There will be a minimum of however you choose the maximum and minimum for the class - however no more than 22) 

  • Bathroom

  • Paint Sink

  • Crafting Dryers

  • Spotify Sound System

  • Participants Sign up & pay for the workshop through our website (NYS tax is added)

  • You decide cost of your workshop 

  • We promote each workshop on our Social Media accounts and Website


Your responsibilities at The Workshop:

  • You supply your materials 

  • Any garbage you acquire you must take with you 


Our Fee:

  • ​Up to 90 minute class (this does not include the 30 minute set up time): $10 plus NYS sales tax per participant

  • 90 minutes - 3hr class (this does not include the 30 minute set up time): $15 plus NYS sales tax per participant

*Our fee will come out of each online payment 

*Check will be given to you the evening of your workshop

*A minimum of 6 per workshop - if minimum is not met The Workshop is responsible to notify participants and give full refund 


3101 W. Ridge Rd.

Rochester, NY 14626

*In the Building next to the old Friendly's Restaurant - go through the main door and follow the signs