Rise Above Anti-Bullying Presentation

Do you have a desire to bring your student body to a level of true compassion and kindness towards one another... where each and every student enjoys their school experience while caring for others? Rise Above is changing schools and lives and would love the opportunity to do the same in your school. Counselors and school administrators have used words such as “life-changing, powerful, riveting, highly recommend, and emotionally moved” to describe Rise Above.

Miss Amy's RISE ABOVE School Presentation brings awareness to the severity of bullying and its overall ugly & lingering effects to middle schools in and around the Rochester, NY area. Kids are encouraged on what they can do, as individuals, to make a positive impact in their own life as well as others. Throughout the presentation, the audience will see and feel that there is power to their actions and words.  Our overall goal is to bring compassion into each school by bringing students together while emphasizing that everyone is a human being with real feelings and a purpose.


Our deep desire is for all students to enjoy their school experience by promoting compassion, kindness and togetherness.


Middle School Students (boys and girls)


Time Allotted:

The presentation is approximately 50-60 minutes long 

Topics Covered:

Define Bullying, Types of Bullying (from Taunting and Excluding to Cyber Bullying), Statistics of Bullying, Myths about Bullying, Why do kids Bully, Bystanders–What can you do, Overcomers, Everyone has a Purpose, Getting Help, Self Love, Teen Suicide, Hope and the Power of Compassion  

All Presentations facilitated by:

Amy Colombo, Rise Above Creator

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a cost involved?

Yes. Cost is dependent on the number of presentations given. Travel accommodations are an additional cost if outside the Monroe County, NY area.



"I just wanted to say thank you and let you all know how proud I am to be a part of this school. So many schools hide from that fact that teen suicide is one of the leading causes of death for our students. We have experienced a number of anti bully programs none of which really spoke to the overcomer. I lost my son Conor in 2011, when he was 14, to suicide. It is hard for even me to believe that what I have read states that a MAJORITY of teens have thoughts about completing suicide. After seeing the students reaction to the presentation it gave me an impression that they were saying. "Finally, someone is saying what needs to be said".  I really believe that if my son Conor had seen this presentation he would still be here.

 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for allowing this presentation and program into our school."

                          John Driscoll


                          Gates Chili Middle

"The Rise Above assembly at our school was one of the most powerful assemblies we've had here.  Teachers and administrators were commenting that it was touching and powerful.  It was repeatedly stated that it was the best assembly we've had in a long time--maybe ever.  Our student body was riveted by Amy Colombo's presentation and personal story. As the presentation unfolded, the students were brought through a journey starting with some of the basics of bullying issues and then right to the center of the matter: how their actions can impact others--for good or for not so good--perhaps forever and that all it takes is a change of heart.  Students were challenged to make a pledge to change their own inaction or to stop their own participation in this senseless behavior. Students were emotionally moved by Amy's words.  They were challenged to confront these ongoing issues right in our school.  They were given words and ideas to use to make a difference. And they will continue to be challenged by our ongoing relationship with Amy.  We highly recommend the Rise Above Rochester assembly."

                          Jim Traver and Kerry Sabido

                          School Counselors

                          Gates Chili Middle School

"Rise Above is a captivating, interactive presentation that grabs students' attention. From the opening video clips that stun the audience to the engaging activities that put major points into perspective, students are riveted by the message and how it is delivered. Amy ensures ongoing support by having students sign the the Rise Above Pledge and wear purple bracelets as a reminder to have compassion and honor the pledge. Amy's enthusiasm for the students and her passion for this message help make this experience powerful."

                       Yvette Valicenti
                       District Social Worker

                       Greece Central Schools


3101 W. Ridge Rd.

Rochester, NY 14626

*In the Building next to the old Friendly's Restaurant - go through the main door and follow the signs