Create one for you and your best friend!! In this Craft-to-Go Bag you will receive:

Two 8x10 Stenciled Canvases with your choice of 2-3 paint colors per canvas, paintbrushes, crafting paper for your work space and easy to follow instructions. You will also have the option to have us apply painter's tape to one of the canvases for the perfect stripes! 

*NOTE: The only thing you will need to provide is a black marker or Sharpie. 


Will email you with Delivery information or curbside pick up times. If this is a gift be sure the shipping address is correct along with what you would like the note to say in the "Add a Note" box at check out (must be Monroe County).


Thank you for your support!! Happy Crafting!!  :) 

Missing My Best Friend Canvas Art Craft-to-Go

Delivery or Curbside
If ordering more than one craft:
Would you like one of the canvases to have stripes


    Rochester, NY