Jemz Girls Program

Jemz is a Character Building Curriculum that focuses on building self-esteem and empathy while learning the importance of compassion, tolerance, gratitude, having a positive attitude, working together and seeing the good in others. 

The JEMZ program achieves this mission through relationship building activities, group discussion, journal writing and our six main character lessons. The lessons are what make the program so powerful & special! Each lesson gives a tangible example or visual image of the content being discussed. This impacts our students in a great way and will carry with them throughout their life.


JEMZ meets once per week for 60 minutes

*Class Breakdown

  • Week 1-  Introduction Class - Go over the Class Pledge (Code of Conduct) - Each student will sign in agreement

  • Week 2 - Finding a Star in Others - The beauty of diversity and the importance of seeing that there is good in everyone

  • Week 3 - Crush - Understanding the power behind our words and actions and seeing that everyone is a human being with real feelings AND the importance of expressing our emotions in healthy ways

  • Week 4 - Living a Life of Gratitude - Becoming more aware of all that we have and expressing our outer and inner voice of appreciation to our self and others

  • Week 5 - Breaking Negative Cycles - Visualizing the impact of a bad attitude and how it can affect many individuals

  • Week 6 - Compliments - Learning to value a compliment by accepting them AND giving them generously

  • Week 7 - Attitude is Everything - Living life with a positive attitude and understanding that it is a choice!

  • Week 8 - Class Graduation 

Lessons and Program activities also promote:

Decision Making and Communication, Speaking in front of a Group, Getting to Know One Another on a Deeper Level, Teamwork and Team Spirit, Bonding with a new Friend, and Best of All... Lots of FUN!

Note from the Author: 

“The Jemz program was written with my daughter in mind. I wanted her to have a special group of girls her age to come together, have fun while building strong bonds, character and compassion.  She is the inspiration for my program. Jemz is near and dear to my heart and built with such love, thought & care.” 

- Amy Colombo

Jemz Girls Program                                                      


3101 W. Ridge Rd.

Rochester, NY 14626

*In the Building next to the old Friendly's Restaurant - go through the main door and follow the signs