Girl-Against-Girl Bullying 


"THIS IS ME" is a Powerful and Intimate 90-Minute Workshop that brings Light to the Dark Topic of Girl-Against-Girl Bullying. 

Starting with a group discussion of why girls bully and the overall ugly and lingering effects it has. This question then leads into a visually compelling activity. It shows that every person is a human being with real feelings and a purpose. It is powerful and unforgettable! The workshop ends with a fun and light-hearted peer-building activity that promotes unification and togetherness.


*Girls are given a survey before and after the workshop. 100% of girls state they are more likely to reach out to someone sitting alone, think before they speak/text/post, be kinder and more compassionate of others after participating in the "This is Me" Workshop. 

Demographic: 5th grade and up (Great for troops, sport/dance/cheer & girls groups)

Workshop Size: 

   - Groups smaller than 12 may need less than 90-minutes

   - Groups larger than 12 may need more than 90-minutes

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