Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees, yearly renewal costs or materials you have to purchase through The Workshop website? There are no hidden fees or yearly renewal costs. There is a one-time fee. Once you have purchased the Jemz curriculum it is yours however cannot be shared with other schools/facilities. 

What is an adequate space?
An ideal space to teach the program is a standard size classroom or a room at least 400 sq. feet with tables & chairs. A whiteboard/ chalkboard or large easel with paper is a must. (See Jemz classrooms below) 

If offering as an after-school program can our school/facility charge a fee to parents?

Jemz can be offered as a free program or you may charge a fee. This is decided by the school/facility staff.

Can Jemz be taught outside the 5th-8th grade range?

Absolutely. However we do not suggest 4th grade and younger. 

Do I need to purchase supplies to teach Jemz?

Other than the use of a white/chalk board; supplies are minimal (i.e., writing/coloring utensils, paper, journals, and a few other items that are listed in the curriculum). 


What is an ideal Jemz class size? 

One of the advantages of teaching this program is that you decide based on demand. 

For the full social experience, a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 12 per class - You may want to extend class times by 15 minutes for classes larger than 10. *These are recommendations. Group size can be altered to your school needs. Classes can be broken up by classroom, grade or small group. You can also combine grades (i.e. 5th & 6th grade/ 7th & 8th grade).

Where can the Jemz program be taught? 

- Public and Private Schools​​ - Jemz not only empowers each child individually but also strengthens the core of the classroom by promoting togetherness and kindness. Jemz can be taught during the day or as an afterschool extracurricular program. 

- Outreach programs, community centers, dance studios, youth and homeschool groups - Jemz 8-week class is a socially and uplifting program for preteen/teen girls to get to know others in their community. 


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