Book a Group

Would you like to reserve our studio for a group of 6 or more for one of the


- Team Building Workshop

- Gender Reveal Onesie Party

- Celebrate a Birthday

- Field Trip 

- Girls Scouts 

- Baby Shower/Bachelorette Party

- Girls Night or Day Out

- Corporate Group (Great Peer/ Synergy Building)

- Senior Group

- Business Meeting (book our space with or without craft) 


Call or email for date availability


- $25 non-refundable payment to Reserve the Studio (this is a payment

not a deposit - due the day you reserve your spot) 

- If crafting - Cost of Individual crafts due the day of the event

Additional Info:

- A crafting specialist will be in the studio to help you with whatever you need

- Feel free to bring snacks, drinks and paper products with you - nothing with nuts please!!

- Field Trips - Classes are welcome to bring bagged lunches

- We do not have a liquor licence - no alcohol please!!

- If you plan on doing the same craft (ex. terrarium, geometric art, etc) please let us know when you book online. If you are not sure send us a note seven days prior to your reservation if possible to ensure we have ample materials for all to create the same project. Otherwise, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs. 

Troop &





Team Building

Adult Birthday Parties

Mommy & Me Playdate


3101 W. Ridge Rd.

Rochester, NY 14626