Adult Projects

Need a thoughtful gift?!!

We will make this for you!

$5 fee comes wrapped.

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Wood Porch Sign


Wood Sign Minis


Set of Two Wood

Home Panel


Joy Jar

Make this beautiful gift for a friend or loved one needing encouragement. Decorate the jar to your liking and choose from a variety of uplifting cards to fill the jar.


Paint & Plant

(Tons of paints, techniques &

succulents to choose from)


Glass Terrarium

(A Variety of plants and rocks

to choose from)


Hanging Wood Signs 

(Tons of paint choices and Cricut vinyl stencils to choose from)


Stackable Wood Decor


Wall Hangings

(Variety of yarns, wooden beads, hoops & dowels to choose from) 

Starting at $24

Handpainted Rocks

(Dotting Tools Available)

2 for $12

1 for $8

Create-Your-Own Canvas Bag, CrossOver Bag or Wallhanging

Starting at $20

Custom Mug

(A Variety of stickers and oil-based markers to choose from or be creative and freehand any creation you'd like)


Cutie Bottles

(A Variety of Yarn and Bottles to

choose from)

Starting at $12

Paintable Wood Decor

(New items brought in weekly)

Pricing from $5 -$30

Hand Stamped Disc

(Make a custom-fitted necklace

or keychain)


Set of 6 - 5"x7" Watercolor

Custom Cards with Envelopes


Acrylic Geometric Art

Starting at $16

Create your own Painting

(Tons of brushes & acrylic paints to choose from)

Starting at $16

Paint a Ring/Key Plate

Starting at $7

"What's Your Word?" Holder with Watercolor CardStock


Paint or Handstamp

Clay Pinch Pot with 

Succulent Clipping


NFL Wood Signs 


 Decor Sign

(A Variety of Stencils to choose from) 


Handpaint Clay Earrings


Starting at $7


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Rochester, NY 14626