"...I watched as each student grew in their confidence and began to carry themselves with a newfound belief in their abilities to make a difference in this world.  I would highly recommend this group to those who are interested in encouraging their students to reach beyond their fullest potential and discover their unique, beautiful and empowered voices."

                        Lauren Grimm, LMSW                

The Jemz 8-week curriculum is written by The Workshop's owner, Amy Colombo. 

Bring Jemz to your school!! Jemz is easy-to-teach, so much fun but most importantly life-changing for each girl who goes through the Jemz experience... socially and emotionally. 

Jemz 8-Week Class Curriculum & Training includes:    

A Getting Started video and short tutorial videos for each class, Easy to Follow Lesson Plans, Class Worksheets & Hand-Outs, Jemz Parent Reports, Jemz Certificate of Completion & Jemz Pledge, Printable 11”x17” Poster, T-Shirt Logo(s) and Jemz Logo. (The purchasing facility receives full rights to use the Jemz Logo on your school/ organization's website, social media accounts and marketing material. The purchasing facility may not share any form of the Jemz program with other schools/facilities)

*Once your Jemz Binder is ready... Amy Colombo (the creator of Jemz) will come to your school and train those who will be teaching the program. She will go through the full 8-Week curriculum class-by-class. Spending this quality time with Amy will ensure that you are fully equipped to teach the Jemz at your very best! (Travel expense reimbursement if outside the Monroe County, NY area)

*In purchasing the program you have 2 options to choose from to receive the program: DVD or Thumb Drive 

*Discounted pricing for school districts interested in offering Jemz in more than one school

The JEMZ 8-Week Class Mission is to enrich the lives of girls in the 5th-8th grade. Building self-esteem and empathy while learning the importance of compassion, tolerance, gratitude, having a positive attitude, working together and seeing the good in others. 


The JEMZ program achieves this mission through relationship building activities, group discussion, journal writing and our six main character lessons. The JEMZ lessons are what makes the program so powerful & special! Each lesson gives a tangible example or visual image of the content being discussed. This impacts our students in a great way and will carry with them throughout their life. 


  •  8-Week Class - meeting once per week for 60 minutes

  • Target Age - 5th - 8th Grade *See Frequently Asked Questions below

  •  Class Breakdown

    • First 30 minutes - Connection Circle (Connection Question, Journal Writing and Jemz Lesson)

    • JEMZ Lesson and Group Discussion - 

      • Here are the JEMZ Weekly Character Lessons and a brief description: 

        • Week 1-  Introduction Class - Go over the JEMZ Pledge (Code of Conduct) and getting to know one another 

        • Week 2- Finding a Star in Others - The beauty of diversity and the importance of seeing that there is good in everyone

        • Week 3 -- Understanding the power behind our words and actions and seeing that everyone is a human being with real feelings AND the importance of expressing our emotions in healthy ways
        • Week 4- Living a Life of Gratitude - Becoming more aware of all that we have and expressing our outer and inner voice of appreciation to our self and others
        • Week 5 - Breaking Negative Cycles - Visualizing the impact of a bad attitude and how it can affect many individuals
        • Week 6 - Compliments - Learning to value a compliment by accepting them AND giving them generously
        • Week 7 - Attitude is Everything - Living life with a positive attitude and understanding that it is a choice!
        • Week 8 - Class Graduation 
    • Last 30 Minutes - JEMZ Activity 

      • Each JEMZ Activity promotes having fun while building relationships within the group. They also target some of the following but not limited to:

        • Building Self Esteem

        • Promoting Teamwork and Team Spirit 

        • Decision Making and Communication

        • Speaking in front of a Group

        • Getting to Know One Another

        • Bonding with a new Friend

        • Best of All... Lots of FUN!

        • At the end of each class, girls are sent home with a take-home assignment (JEMZ Challenge) that focuses on the lesson of the day. The challenge reinforces the lesson that we dove into together as a group. Girls bring their completed JEMZ Challenge back to class. For each Challenge complete they earn a JEMZ star. If all six stars are awarded girls will receive their JEMZ tshirt and certificate during their last class. *T-shirt distribution optional depending on school budget

        • Girls are also sent home with a JEMZ Parent Parent Report. This keeps parents and loved ones included in what their child is learning during each class.


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